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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Portrait Session: Anne

Sometimes when I go for a walk, I get fixated on one thing.  On a recent walk, that thing was Queen Anne's Lace.  I wrote a post about this beautiful flower back in July 2013 (click here to read it), so I'm not going to write much this time-- instead, I hope to provide you with a visual treat.
You will notice that I have used some special effects for Anne's portraits.  
How do you like her in black and white?
Of course, different props and backgrounds are fun to use in portrait sessions.  Here, she poses with an old tractor.

Next, she shows off her wonderful shadow on a rusty barrel.
Of course, we need to see her different profiles...
How about a close-up of that side view?
But wait!  Who is that strange creature?
It's a Misumean vatia (a Goldenrod Crab Spider).  You can read about these fascinating spiders by clicking here.  Another common name is Flower Crab Spider, which fits this one better, since it's not on a Goldenrod.  The 'crab' part of the their name comes from the way they can walk sideways like a crab.
Queen Anne's Lace seems like a good flower for a spider to live on, since they are often home to a lot of small insects.  Such as the fly (above) or the mosquito (below).  Did you notice the spider to the right of the fly?  The fly flew away before the spider got him!
Or the next one with a sleepy bee.
 In case you don't like 'bugs' , now I'll get back to just flowers.  Here's a nice pink bud, which will fade to white as the flower opens.
That one was quite pink, the pinkest I found.  Of the many buds I looked at, pink ones were fairly uncommon.
The simple beauty of a bud and flower stands out, but sometimes 'accessories' are nice in portraits, too.
Alone or in groups, I admire the beauty of my 'models'.
And, I don't usually come out from behind the camera, but I thought it would be fun to show you how tall these Queen Anne's Lace were... some taller than me!
That's it for this portrait session... sorry, I'm not available for weddings or Senior photo shoots! :-)