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Four Seasons
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Fantasy Celebrity Interview

Today I'm very excited to bring you my first ever celebrity interview!

I'm a little nervous, as this is something I've never done before.  So, let's just get started.

My guest is Mr. Great Blue Heron.  I'm a big fan of his, and I've been anxiously awaiting his arrival!  He made his appearance on Sunday afternoon, but I thought I'd give him sometime to settle in before the interview.   He seems to be ready...

Hello, sir, may I call you Mr. Heron?

Well, ma'am,  I'd prefer you just call me Hank.

Hank?  Hank Heron!!!  Oh, I'm sorry, I apologize for my outburst... I've known you since you were a young heron and didn't realize it was you!

That's quite alright, ma'am, we all pretty much look alike.
Here's a photo of you and your brother and sister just before you fledged from the nest, Hank... do you remember that?

Sure, I was the last one to go... and I'm still a homebody.  That's why I'm the first one back!  I missed the old place over the winter.

(If you'd like to read about Hank's 'childhood' you can click here).

Well, Hank, I am wondering about that.  I think the folks would like to know where you spent the winter and if you are sorry you came back?  I mean, the weather here has been pretty cold the last couple of days.

The weather is cold, but the fishing is good.  That's what I really care about.  I can take the wintry weather as long as I have plenty to eat. 
And down it goes!
Though sometimes it takes me awhile to get it all the way down!
As for where I've been, my family and I spend our winters in a marsh in the low country near Charleston, South Carolina.  They have sweetgrass there that smells so good, and lots of fish and frogs to eat.  Herons like us live all up and down the coast and in Florida.  Pretty much anywhere there's good fishing!

Hank, I did notice you had a bit of a Southern drawl, and of course, calling me "ma'am", too... that's very polite! 

(Hank just smiled and didn't say anything).

Hank, I have to admit that I'm such a big fan of yours that I've been watching for you.  I knew you'd probably arrive soon, and you came on the exact same date as last year... March 22nd.  

Oh, did I?  Well, I don't know anything the date, I just thought it was time.  But that first night, I wondered if I'd made a mistake.  It was pretty cold out there on the ice with the snow whipping around in the wind!
I suppose you were glad when the sun came up?

Yes, ma'am that's for sure!  And that's probably why the rest of the clan hasn't arrived yet.  They remember that bad storm right after we all came back last year. (click here to read about it).
Hank, I asked readers to figure out how many of your family they could find in a photo in that blog post... maybe it would be fun to see if they can find YOU in the next photo.

Okay, sure... can you see me?

No, then how about a little closer?
If you still can't find me, how about if I turn my head?
Hey, that was fun.  

Another question, Hank.  Do you have any ambitions? How about your short-term and long-term goals?

Short term is easy.  This will be my third summer, so I'm old enough now to find a nice girl and raise a family.  Maybe use the old nest.
That's the nest in the upper circle, and Hank is in the lower circle.
Long-term goal, hmmm, well-- I've heard the longest-lived heron was 23 years old!  It would be really something to beat that record.  Our average life span is around 15 years.  

I wish you well with both those goals, Hank!

By the way, I know you need to get back to fishing, but I'm wondering if you are lonely waiting for more herons to return to our swamp?

Not really, ma'am.  I guess I'm kind of a loner (that's why I wouldn't mind nesting here instead of in a colony like most herons).  

That would be great, Hank!  I would love for you to raise a family here.  

Yes, it's a very nice place.  With the exception of a crow who occasionally likes to sneak up behind me, I like it alot.
 He seems to want to be my friend, but I don't think we have anything in common.
I appreciate your time, Hank.  I'm sure you would like to get back to work.

It's been a pleasure, ma'am.  And you can take photos of me anytime.  

Thank you, Hank!  I'll do that.  I hope you find a wonderful girl and that you continue to catch a lot of fish!

Thank you.  Bye y'all!
 Well, that was exciting, wasn't it?  I was a little worried that communication would be difficult, but Hank put me at ease and we understood each other well.  Even with his southern drawl!