Four Seasons

Four Seasons
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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Beauty in the Macabre?

This blog is usually about things I find beautiful in God's creation.  Now, the macabre decorations that abound this time of year for Halloween don't typically fit in with my idea of beauty.   However, my mother instilled in me that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" so maybe some of you have different ideas about that!  In that case, this post is for you! 

 Fall is a great time of year for spiderwebs!
Especially in the early morning while the dew is still on them.
I will admit that I know almost nothing about them, but I admire the various shapes and structures.
That one had a double bottom... maybe to trap insects inside, or for the spider to reside in?
This very large one seemed to have no pattern to it, but it had a neat tunnel in the middle.
And this one seems less sinister, with its accompanying Queen Ann's Lace... but what could be hiding back there in the dark?
Creepy things!
Oh my!
I did like how that one made very tidy circles, then made a ZZZZZ into the middle!

This blackbird is keeping an eye on things....
While the rest of the flock hangs out nearby.
Over in the big, dark swamp more creatures await.
The kingfisher doesn't seem to mind all the spiders sharing his tree.
I can't leave you with just the macabre... even though it is that time of year...  so here is a shot of Ruby when she was a pup - dressed up for Halloween in a homemade costume!
PS - I actually do think spiderwebs and blackbirds (and Ruby!) are beautiful, how about you?